Mainly these days videos will be produced for platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. The quality of those works ranges from amateurishly up to very professionally.

Of course, the success of a video is not necessarily dependent on a professional quality. But if you don't want to score only with weird cat videos, but rather with a teaser for a music project or with a live recording of a concert, then you should lay value on a professional quality. This is valid for the video cut/editing as well as for the sound (recording, mix and mastering). We offer all these services on a quality level which is only limited by the quality of the provided raw video and audio materials.

If you provide surround recordings for the soundtrack, we can recommend our specialized partners for their mix and mastering. Otherwise, we are able to deliver the final video in any desired output format (eg. as HD, for certain devices or streaming services, as flash video, for HTML5 streaming or on demand on DVDs with complex menus).