– that's our service offer reduced to one term. Generally that means at least recordings with a couple of cameras, post production including cutting, effects and graphics design and in some cases DVD authoring.

Beyond that and simultaneously with it – and that’s the special feature – we can offer all services which are parts of professional audio production: in addition to recording also mixing, mastering, sound design and - if needed - also film music composition and production - all in customizable combination according to the requirements.

We make this advertising with a clear conscience because of our practical works as video producers in connection with longtime experiences as live and studio musicians, as composers, arrangers, as workshop an book authors, with longtime experiences as mastering/mixing engineers and with much praxis in graphic and layout design for music publishers, also as lecturers on musical workshops or e.g. on the film academy in Babelsberg (Germany).

Especially for music video production is it a huge benefit if all associated work will done in a tight division of work. For that purpose our small team affords the ideal qualification.

But seems to be better if you find out themselves if our services may be useful for you and if we can satisfy your expectations in this regard. This could be done by contacting us, by informing us about your project and your goals. After a possible advice we find out the way in which we can test the success of a collaboration - all that at first completely free and without obligation.